Plenary Session

Live Case & Lecture 3: New TAVR Device

August 11 (Thu), 4:20 PM ~ 6:10 PM

Main Arena, Vista Hall, B2

Moderator(s): Eberhard Grube, Hyo-Soo Kim, Alan C. Yeung
Discussant(s): Jung-Min Ahn, Paul Toon Lim Chiam, James Flaherty, Do-Yoon Kang, Vorarit Lertsuwunseri, Gerald Yong
4:20 PM University Cologne, Germany: Case #1 COMPLEX TAVR
1st Operator: Stephan Baldus
2nd Operator: Matti Adam
5:00 PM Kerckhoff Heart Center, Bad Nauheim, Germany: Case #1 COMPLEX TAVR
1st Operator: Won-Keun Kim

Featured Lectures

5:40 PM Optimal Indication for Cerebral Embolic Protection for TAVR: Insights from the TVT Registry
5:50 PM Minimizing & Managing Conduction Abnormalities after TAVR
Lecturer: Hyo-Soo Kim
6:00 PM Q&A and Interactive Discussion