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Presentation Guideline

1. General Presentation Guideline

  • Materials: MS PowerPoint or Mac Keynotes,
    There is no limit for the number of slides but please keep the presentation time.
  • Do not use ‘Rehearsal Timings’ function of Microsoft PowerPoint to prevent playing all slides by itself.
  • Presenters are required to bring their own presentation files with them in person.
    To make the slides, please use our template. Go to '2. Template Download' section down below and download it.
  • For MS user, using MS Power point, set the slide size for 'On-screen Show and number slides from '1'.
  • For Mac OS users, using Mac Keynotes, bring your own laptop to the Preview room (Speakers Ready Room) along with the connector & recharge.
  • All presenters should be at the Preview room (Speakers Ready Room) at least 2 hour prior to your presentation time to upload the slides. Please take presentation materials in USB or electronic format.
  • Once your allotted presentation time is completed, the alert message will automatically pop-up for keeping sessions running on time.

2. Template Download

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